We offer a variety Ceiling Work. Our Ceiling Work includes ceiling decor design, false ceiling installation and designing services. We respond on a personal basis to our clients’ needs, successfully translating their ideas and requirements into an environment that is visually pleasing, practical and comfortable..

1. In-situ Cast

2. Plaster board

3. Suspended Ceilings;

a. Mineral fibre ceiling tiles

  • b. PVC Ceiling Panel/tiles
  • c. Magnesium Oxide Ceiling tiles,
  • d. Calcium Silicate Ceiling tiles,

4. Metal Ceilings (in panels, stripes and tiles)

5. Wood PVC Composite (WPC) Ceilings

6. Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) (in various shapes & designs)

7. Fibre Cement Boards,

8. Fibre Glass Wool Ceiling Tiles,

9. Ecophon Ceiling tiles,

10. Luxalon Ceiling