One of our core services is the design, supply and installation of Drywall System in buildings. In order to reduce dead loads in high rise building, drywall system have been employed to serve this purpose. Besides light weight, fire and sound proof are other parameters that determines the design and choice of materials for the drywall and partition walls.

Lagos and Port Harcourt are known to be swampy cities with low soil bearing capacity for weights. The conventional wet walls (blocks/mansory walls) are great risk for buildings with four floors and above. Even with deep pile foundation it is advisable to reduce dead weight to barest minimum using drywall system. It ensures flexibility because it is demountable – easy to dismantle and replace. Drywalls can be Gypsum board, Wood, Glass, Aluminium Sheet, WPC, MDF, Plastic panel etc.

A typical drywalls consists of the following components:

1. Studs

2. Tracks

3. Insulation material (rockwool, or glasswool fibre)

4. Cladding sheet or Panels- Gypsum board, Fibre cement board, Wood panels, Calcium Silicate boards etc.

5. Accessories like self tapping screws, fillers, joint tape, conner trims etc.


Among all drywalls systems, Knauf System will be chosen as case study because we are major distributor and enjoy technical partnership with Knauf. Besides Rooms, Hotels or Offices divide, Knauf drywalls are used in Column and Beam Encasements. Column and Beams can be concrete, wood or the conventional steel structure used in developed countries.