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Functional & Innovative: Mineral ceiling tiles

AMF THERMATEX® ceiling rafts, baffles and wall absorbers.

Different areas of absorption achieve varying effects in room acoustics. This is why in addition to classic acoustic ceilings, AMF THERMATEX® offers other exciting acoustic elements. Ceiling rafts, wall absorbers and baffles constitute creative solutions to provide a room with effective acoustics as well as meeting the highest aesthetic requirements. The refined Soundmosaic enables a ceiling to become an innovative loudspeaker. The AMF THERMATEX® Beamex System offers a clever solution for concealing projectors and equipment behind a ceiling tile.

AMF THERMATEX® Design ceilings.

Architects and designers use a diverse range of materials to give every building a distinctive, unmistakable appearance. AMF THERMATEX® Design ceilings help interiors to achieve this individuality. High quality mineral tiles provide a room with a high acoustic quality and at the same time open up great scope for vibrant interior design with contemporary and appealing surfaces.