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We offer a variety of Ceiling work. These include, POP Ceilings, Plaster Board Ceiling also known as Suspended Ceiling, Acoustic Ceilings with Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tile and Metal Ceiling, and Wood Panel Acoustic Ceiling Tiles.
One of our core services is the design, supply, and installation of Drywall System in buildings. Drywall System is used to reduce dead load in high-rise buildings. The conventional wet walls (blocks/masonry walls) are great risk for buildings with four or more floors. Even with a deep pile foundation, it is advisable to reduce dead weight to the barest minimum using a drywall System.
Our personnel are experts in soundproofing and acoustic. Soundproofing and acoustic materials are used to control sound absorption in special-purpose buildings like cinema halls, lecture theatres, churches, auditoriums, conference halls, music studios, etc.
Insulation is a building practice employed to control sound (noise) movement and temperature changes in a building using light mineral fibres like rockwool or polyfoam.
Dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either the intrusion from outside or condensation from within the structure.
Iron Resources Ltd. offers a wide range of solutions to persistent dampness problems experienced in various parts of the country.
Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or later intended to control the infiltration of weather elements or for aesthetic purposes.
We offer a variety of products for interior and exterior cladding.

AMF THERMATEX® Functional & Innovative: Mineral ceiling

Modern architecture is dominated by hard, reflective constructions and components. Plain, smooth surfaces are increasingly replacing classic sound-absorbing areas, often contributing to a noticeably longer reverberation time and leading to unsatisfactory room acoustics.

Healthcare facilities and other branches with sensitive hygiene regulations deem well-balanced room acoustics as an important factor for the working environment and creating a healing atmosphere.

Ceiling design is an important factor in the architectural planning and design of interiors. Spaces such as supermarkets and canteens must impress with an overall appealing appearance.

AMF THERMATEX® ceiling rafts, baffles and wall absorbers.

Different areas of absorption achieve varying effects in room acoustics. This is why in addition to classic acoustic ceilings, AMF THERMATEX® offers other exciting acoustic elements. Ceiling rafts, wall absorbers and baffles constitute creative solutions to provide a room with effective acoustics as well as meeting the highest aesthetic requirements. The refined Soundmosaic enables a ceiling to become an innovative loudspeaker. The AMF THERMATEX® Beamex System offers a clever solution for concealing projectors and equipment behind a ceiling tile.

AMF THERMATEX® Design ceilings.

Architects and designers use a diverse range of materials to give every building a distinctive, unmistakable appearance. AMF THERMATEX® Design ceilings help interiors to achieve this individuality. High quality mineral tiles provide a room with a high acoustic quality and at the same time open up great scope for vibrant interior design with contemporary and appealing surfaces.

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