The company was established to deliver exquisite works and interior finishings for private, public, government, commercial buildings, typically used by banks, hospitals, schools, religious centres, shopping malls, data centres, cinemas, auditorium etc.
For 18years, IRON RESOURCES LIMITED has maintained a lead record for giving the best interior designs, finishings, and installations in buildings through her experienced and well-trained Engineers and Technicians. We have delivered quality jobs with good aesthetics at a reasonable and affordable cost within an acceptable time frame of our clients and of course, applying modern practices and usage of construction / installation tools and equipment.
Recognized for effective handling of multiple projects simultaneously. Highly regarded by Knauf Group, Germany in the best practices of materials usage / installation applications.
Iron Resources Limited is a good partner/representative to Saint Gobain Group, France and South Africa with a proven knowledge on their products usage and application. We are representatives of so many related companies across the Globe – Germany, UK, Turkey, France, South Africa, China etc.

Our Valued Customers:

  1. Cappa & D’Alberto PLC
  2. Monterosa Construction Ltd.
  3. James Cubitt Architects
  4. ACCL (Architectural Firm)
  5. ECAD Architects
  6. FMA Architects
  7. Arbico PLC
  8. ITB (Nig) Ltd.
  9. ELALAN Nig. Ltd.
  10. Interkel Group
  11. BCL Civil Eng. Const. Ltd.
  12. Carinthia Constr. Co. Ltd.
  13. Techno Oil & Gas Ltd.
  14. CCPLACE Architectural Firm