Our personnel are experts in sound proofing and acoustics. It is a big challenge to us that handle most of our acoustics challenges in Nigeria. For this purpose our company personnel are sent overseas to study acoustic designs and installation for special purpose building like:

1. Cinema Halls

2. Movie/Music Studios

3. Lecture Theatre

4. Churches

5. Conference Hall

6. Library

7. TV Studios/Station

8. Hotels

9. Shopping Mall

10. Sport Hall/Gym

11. Auditorium

12. Schools/Universities etc

In any of the listed buildings, the fundamental approach is to control External

and Internally Generated Noise using Sound Proofing and Acoustic materials


1. Sound Proofing:

Installation with Knauf Polyfoam, Styrofoam Spray, Rockwool or Glass Wood Fibre

materials are chiefly used to control sounds entering the roof.

Other areas are windows and doors Double Glazed glass windows, sound proof doors

are best controlled to disallow externally generated sound and noise.

2. Acoustic/Sound Absorption:

To achieve high level of acoustic and sound absorption it is a dual treatment of

ceiling, wall and furniture in the building with appropriate materials.